Are My Loans Priced Right?


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This document and the following volumes are intended to give a credit union a complete road map to execute a marketing campaign. This road map will take the user from the very beginning point all the way through to the end of the process and the evaluation of the campaign. This design will contain all the steps necessary to create the campaign, the steps to follow through to the end using the referenced CU*BASE options to mine the data and track the sales success.

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Become a better and more informed lender! Analyze your risk portfolio and see how it correlates historically to your portfolio performance. Have you ever considered any of the following questions:

  • How is my loan portfolio performing at different credit bands?
  • Are my bands placed correctly?
  • Are my risk based pricing tables the same for all products and categories?
  • Should I consider secured versus unsecured risk based pricing?
  • How can I do all this?

Hint – you should be asking yourself these questions. This report allows you to select and view your delinquency status by credit and day ranges. You can compare two months’ data side by side. You can also trend data across months (monthly, quarterly or annually). It can be as specific as by credit score or some other piece of data. This dashboard is a useful tool to ensure your risk based pricing is correct and conversely will highlight any gaps in performance within the credit score ranges.

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