Ask, See, Act, and Profit: Driving Results with CU*BASE


Establishing repeatable systems, operational train schedules, and a data driven culture within your credit union will change the way you identify and target areas of opportunity. Do you have visions of becoming more aggressive at identifying and pursuing areas of opportunity, establishing a data-centric culture, and grabbing the wheel and DRIVING towards the results you want, versus accepting the results you get? During this engagement we’ll introduce to you CU*BASE tactics and established systems which, once implemented, will help you identify opportunities and empower you and your team to take action on opportunities and DRIVE results.

During this half-day (3-4 hour) engagement you and your team will learn about Asterisk Intelligence’s Ask, See, Act, and Profit tactic for monetizing information and DRIVING results. Learn how this approach can be incorporated into your credit union’s culture to generate actionable insights and help to identify areas of opportunity. Our specialist will impower you with the tools, tactics, and systems needed to operationalize data analysis, establish a train schedule approach to generating insights, and foster a data centric culture within your credit union.

What You’ll Receive
• Education
o Training on CU*BASE Dashboards, emphasizing tools designed to identify opportunities
o How to take ACTION, building member marketing lists using CU*BASE
o How to analyze member segments for areas of opportunity
• Tactics
o Ask, See, Act, Profit – educating how to apply this ASAP Tactic
o Asterisk Intelligence’s Proprietary ASAP Run Sheet
o Customizable Data Analytics Train Schedule Template

Your operational data contains hundreds of opportunities waiting to be discovered and ACTED upon, have you made it a priority to look for and target these opportunities? Get started today!

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