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How many doors of opportunity would open for you once armed with detailed insights into your membership demographics, channel preferences, and product and service engagement metrics? Knowing your members and analyzing their engagement, preferences, and financial tendencies provides a wealth of insights which can be leveraged and monetized. Supercharge your insights with a briefing or management presentation from one of our Analysts, where they will identify areas of opportunity, benchmark performance to peers, and provide the context you need to make informed decisions.

During this engagement our analyst will analyze a 12 month history of new and closed membership trends. Reviewing demographic insights of the new members you are attracting, their product and service engagement, and membership characteristics. Compare these insights to that of your closed members for a complete understanding of what types of members are leaving and who you are attracting to your credit union.
Additionally, your entire membership will be reviewed and analyzed, providing insights into demographic profiles, product and service participation, transactional activity and so much more. The following topics are included within the analysis when applicable:

  • New Membership Trends
  • Closed Membership Trends
  • Membership Demographics
  • Product Penetration
  • Service Penetration
  • Electronic Channel Utilization
  • Delivery Channel Preferences
  • Branch Utilization
  • ACH Transactional Analysis (Credits)
  • ACH Transactional Analysis (Debits)
  • Online Banking Optics

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After placing your order, you will be contacted by an Analyst to discuss your project scope, timeline, and any special areas of focus. Projects are normally completed within 3-5 weeks of your order.

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