Bedrock Community Credit Union – A Training CU


Need to train new team members? Need refreshers for team members or ones move positions? Bedrock Community Credit Union is a FREE amazing resource for your credit union. With this version of CU*BASE, you will have access to a training credit union so your teams can practice without touching live member accounts at your credit union.

To access Bedrock Community Credit Union, you will need to already have CU*BASE installed on your PC.



Designed to help your staff learn a new position or get a refresher on existing job functions, Bedrock Community Credit Union is here for you! If you need assistance with training in conjunction with Bedrock Community Credit Union, please select the related product below “Exercises for Success Training Manuals”. If you have found that you already enjoy using Bedrock Community Credit Union, check out our Custom Training Edition in the related products below!

How it Works

Most credit unions already have an existing User ID and Employee ID for Bedrock Community Credit Union. If you need to know what these are to get started, please reach out to our Client Services and Education Team. The team will be happy to help you get started (or re-started) with Bedrock Community Credit Union and answer any questions you may have on this FREE resource.

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