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Need to build a new staff training program? Integrate our comprehensive workbooks that encourage repetition and practice that guide learners into practicing activities typically part of the daily routine of frontline staff. Four programs are available, Member Services, Teller, Xpress Teller, and Lending, all of which are provided FREE for your credit union to utilize in conjunction with the Bedrock Training Environment, CU*BASE Simulated Training Environment, or with your own Custom Training Edition (CTE).

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Designed for use with CU*BASE simulated training environments, this workbook series offers new CU*BASE users practical experience with common CU*BASE tasks. The series comprises four workbooks that reinforce key areas of credit union operations: member service, teller processing, and lending. Each workbook includes helpful instructions that guide learners in selecting appropriate accounts for use while practicing the activities covered in the booklet. Activities are based on common member scenarios and are followed by a knowledge check that learners can use to gauge their progress. The workbooks can be downloaded as PDF booklets linked below. Additionally, if you add this to your cart in the link above, an email will be sent to you with the booklets attached.

How it Works

The books can be used by Human Resources, Education Coordinators, or by a team member as a refresher on Teller, Lending, or Member Service. For Human Resources teams and Education Coordinators, this is a great opportunity to review the booklets, set up a training plan, and timeline. Team members can work through the booklets to get a hands on experience in the topics without touching live members and their accounts. Once you purchase the items through the store or download the PDF booklets using the links below, you can begin training.

Xpress Teller Exercises for Success Document

Lending Exercises for Success Document

Member Services Exercise for Success Document

Standard Teller Exercises for Success Document

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