Business Continuity Plan Development


Pricing starts at $2,500 for in-network credit unions, relative to the size and complexity of operations and IT topology. A custom Statement of Work and proposal will be provided based on a (free) initial consultation.

Credit unions large and small are required to develop and test a Business Continuity Plan specific to the threats they face and the impact to operations in the event of a disruption. The written plan should identify the likely scenarios and the steps the credit union will take to serve their members while restoring critical IT infrastructure and business processes. The same certified professionals who currently oversee the Business Continuity Program at CU*Answers offer a range of cost-effective solutions to assist your credit union in the planning, development and implementation of your continuity and recovery plans.


While some may view the Business Continuity Plan as a compliance check-off item, the real value is not in the plan itself but in the planning process. When performed properly, the information and experience gathered will help the credit union:

  • Anticipate and plan for disruptive events
  • Prioritize the investments in technology so that they align with business objectives
  • Mitigate the negative effects of disruptions on business operations
  • Minimize confusion and enable effective decisions during a crisis
  • Facilitate the timely recovery of critical business functions
  • Maintain the public image and reputation of the organization

Developing, implementing, and testing continuity and recovery plans can seem an overwhelming task requiring time, resources, and skills not available in every organization. Trying to adapt a one-size-fits-all approach to your operational environment is neither realistic nor cost-effective and often results in confusion and frustration.

The certified Business Continuity professionals at CU*Answers have the knowledge and experience needed to work with your team and take your Business Continuity program from where it is today, to where you need it to be.

The Process

A certified CU*Answers Business Continuity professional will work with you and your team from start to finish to:

  1. Identify the key team members and set the goals and objectives
  2. Collect the necessary information for building the plan
    • This may require an on-site assessment and interview process
  3. Provide an initial draft for your review
  4. Schedule a remote document walk-through
  5. Provide the final Business Continuity Plan document in PDF and MS-WORD format with testing schedule


A Business Continuity Plan Development process generally takes between 30 and 60 days, but is dependent on the complexity of the clients needs.

Next Steps

Engagements start at $2,500.00 and are based on the size and complexity of operations and IT topology. Optional annual plan maintenance engagements are also available.

An initial (free) consultation is offered to assess the needs of your existing Business Continuity program and identify an action plan to get to the target state. A custom Statement of Work and proposal will be provided for each project.

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