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additional $100/month and $10/GB per month

You need a data warehouse so that you have some storage space when you need it – Space to support analysis projects and strategies that need custom solutions – space to store the full Optics data sets, space to store files that come from outside the system, and space to store some of your favorite system data for longer periods of time. A data warehouse is a digital storage unit!

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A data warehouse is the digital storage unit. It’s purpose is to support data storage for analysis. It can hold specialized data sets that are then used for curating new member trends, marketing campaigns, strategic analysis, and other data strategies defined by credit union. A direct line from core processing to a storage unit. A holding space for 3rd party data you wish to link with core processing data. No additional hardware or software to buy. A native and wholly familiar toolset.

A storage unit for containing data that otherwise would have no space to collect or retain, so teams can use it to further credit union data-driven decisions – all this and more is what you get when you decide which storage unit is right for the design of your data strategy.

Once You Order

After submitting the order, you will be contacted by the Asterisk Intelligence team with resources, a few further steps to complete, and an estimated time when your Data Warehouse will become available (typically 1-2 weeks). We’ll schedule a “Getting Started” kick-off call for your initial training on the toolset and from that point schedule in any additional training you may wish. We support every type of Data Warehouse user on tools and strategy from the earliest beginner to the most advanced.

I’m Ready to Go! What Will My Storage Unit Look Like?

Only you will know where along the spectrum of analysis you and your team will land. Are you a data collector that archives beyond minimums? Do you focus on internet mediums with your members to collect non-transactional click data in Online Banking Optics? Are you a full picture analyst who wants the pulse on each area of your credit union with as much data as you can consume?

Compare storage approaches with Sample Storage Unit scenarios!

I’m Still Not Sure What I’d Put In It. What Are the Options or Strategies?

With a data warehouse, you can store data from elsewhere in CU*BASE, as well as data from outside of CU*BASE that you wish to analyze inside the system. The three primary strategies you can pursue with this data warehouse include:

  1. Optics Data
  2. Long-Term Archives
  3. General Custom Storage

And the options within each strategy include:

  • Online Banking Optics – Full Data, Automated
  • Phone Support Optics – Full Data, Automated
  • Card Activity Optics – Full Data, Automated
  • Tracker Data Archives – Monthly Archival, Automated
  • General File Archives – Managed by the Credit Union, per file
  • 3rd Party File Uploads – Managed by the Credit Union, per file
  • System Files from Data Projects – Managed by the Credit Union, per file

Read more in our Data Warehousing Overview! Or, check out the documentation and video resources in our Data Warehouse Resources library.

Contact the Asterisk Intelligence team at or 800-327-3478 ext 870 with any questions or concerns before placing your order.

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Data Warehouse Overview (PDF)

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