Phone Optics Data Collection


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Turn on Phone Optics data collection to feed a richer analysis of both your phone support engagements and the members who call you with questions. What non-transactional support items are your staff handling? Which members are repeatedly calling for just a transaction history recap? How many and how often?

The answers start with recording the Phone Optics data so that it’s available to begin tracking and analyzing. Ordering this product is a request to begin the data collection program in CU*BASE. Separate pricing applies to purchase a Phone Optics Analysis from Asterisk Intelligence.


Phone Optics data represents an opportunity to pursue non-transactional data analysis for deeper understanding of the ways members and staff engage with accounts when the member isn’t processing classic transaction. In order to pursue any analysis the data must first be collected and stored to begin building up a history of information for future study.

Want to Analyze Data?

You can review and analyze the data as it’s being collected, then once the collection period closes, we recommend performing a fixed-period analysis in which you use the full set of data to perform your analysis once it has finished being recorded. Or, hire Asterisk Intelligence to perform your analysis. Contact for examples, options, and a quote if you would like to pursue this option.


A Data Warehouse is a prerequisite to Phone Optics Data Collection. If you order this product without a Data Warehouse, there will be a delay in turning on Phone Optics collection until after you have worked with Asterisk Intelligence to purchase and establish a Data Warehouse..

Once you Order

After submitting your order, you’ll be contacted by Asterisk Intelligence to verify you have the prerequisite Data Warehouse and determine a start-date and end-date for data collection. On the start-date, data begins recording as soon as the “switch” is flipped and will build over time through the period of time you chose for active data collection – 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

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