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Imagine you could take a picture of your entire CU*BASE production database at the same moment in time each day, what would you do with that picture? Similar to End of Month files, the new SnapShot library represents an exact copy of your entire production database as of yesterday’s end of day processing. Providing you with a static, reconcilable, reporting library which eliminates the timing discrepancies which arise when using live production data sources for reporting. What insights will you find with SnapShot?

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After your order is received, the Asterisk Intelligence team will activate your SnapShot library providing you and your team access to the data library through the CU*BASE Report Builder(Query) tool. Your SnapShot environment will be automatically refreshed each day immediately after each End-of-Day / Beginning-of-Day processing cycle. Reports built utilizing SnapShot will automatically capture the most recent SnapShot data each time the report is ran without the need to manually update data sources.

Does this impact my periodic vendor file transfers?

Activating SnapShot has no immediate impact on custom reports you have built, or data transfers you have in place, BUT IT SHOULD! With your new access to your SnapShot library it’s time to start using it. Providing consistent data to 3rd party vendors is a major advantage of your SnapShot library, virtually eliminating timing related discrepancies. Consider transitioning your data transfers to originate out of SnapShot, we already have. The majority of custom transfers conducted by CU*Answers have already been transitioned to originate out of SnapShot.

What to expect after your order?

After your order is received and processed, you will be contacted by a member of the Asterisk Intelligence team to assist you with first time access, discuss best practices, security, and more. Check out the available documents for more information.

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