Extend Transaction History Retention

$10.00 / monthly

Per retention history

Do you want to keep more transaction history on any of your application types? Are you a data analyst looking for more historical data for trending? Or are members asking for more transactional history in online banking? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you’re found the right place! Transaction retention periods are completely customizable allowing you to pick and choose which transaction types you wish to adjust the retention period on.

Enter the ADDITIONAL retention months you would like to purchase for any of the transaction types listed below (enter zero for any category you do not wish to modify).

  • Select the amount of additional retention months you would like for each of the following categories (enter zero for any you do not wish to increase):
Billing Code: 139 Category:


Requesting to keep more transaction history is an option for any of the eight total categories of membership accounts. Once your request is processed, additional transaction history will increase month-to-month until your new retention period is reached, historical purged data will not be restored.

Current standard retention history:

  • Share (Savings) – 12 months
  • Draft (Checking) – 12 months
  • Club Accounts – 48 months
  • IRA – 48 months
  • Certificate – 48 months
  • Tax/Escrow – 48 months
  • Closed-End Loan – 48 months
  • Open-End Loan – 48 months

What to Expect

After placing your order you will be contacted by a member of the Asterisk Intelligence team to review your order and clarifiy expectations and pricing. Upon final confirmation your data retention periods will be adjusted allowing available history to increase until your new limits are met. Orders are typically processed within 3-5 business days.

Extended transactional data will be visible within CU*BASE Phone Operator and Inquiry tools, as well as member facing within Online Banking. Verify with your check image provider whether check images will also be available.

*Note – the $10 per month charge for this service applies to each transaction type. For example – if you were to extend both your Share and Share Draft transaction history from 12 months to a new retention limit of 18 months, this would be a 6 month expansion in share transaction data, and a 6 month extention in draft transaction data, for a total of a 12 month extention at $10 per month, totaling $120 billed monthly.

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