Streamline Maintenance Tasks with a Defined Data Flood


Don’t do manual maintenance on hundreds of members or accounts, look for a data flood instead! Our most commonly requested data floods can now be completed without any custom programming – Large scale changes to data elements has never been quicker or easier! The option to perform a data flood on your own for FREE is available via CU*BASE Tool #1210 Self-Directed Data Floods. See the description below for details. Or, use this page to hire the Asterisk Intelligence Team to perform the flood on your behalf – Choose your targeted data field below.

Asterisk Intelligence - Credit Union Self Directed Data Floods

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Self-Directed Data Floods introduces the ability to perform data floods without the need to engage programming, reducing both costs and lead time! You can perform the floods on your own for free, or place an order on this page to hire us to do it for you.

Preparing for a Data Flood

Care and due diligence in understanding and planning for the impact of your changes is an absolute must. We will be changing hundreds and sometimes thousands of data points with just a few clicks. As a general best practice – “Measure twice (or thrice), cut once”.

You are responsible for defining the criteria for the target list(s) of members or accounts to ensure the correct accounts get updated with the correct information. Credit Unions must either supply the list of members or accounts they want flooded, or hire Asterisk Intelligence by placing a separate order to ‘Request a Custom Query or Report

You are also responsible for evaluating potential and actual operational impacts of the changes implemented with a data flood. Asterisk Intelligence will proceed with the flood once you are satisfied with the plan for both targets and operational work/impacts for the flood.

After placing your order a member of the Asterisk Intelligence Team will contact you to gather further details regarding your flood project and to settle on an implementation plan.

Want to Do It Yourself?

The data flood engine in CU*BASE Tool #1210 is available to you in the same capacity as our teams here at CU*Answers. You may need to request access to the tool from you credit union’s Security Officer. Refer to:

  • CU*BASE Tool #1210 Self-Directed Data Floodsengine for performing data floods, from a list of available canned floods.
  • Self-Directed Data Floods (PDF)A guide and instruction book for using the self-directed data flood engine.

Available Fields:

Fields currently available for a self-directed data flood are listed below. Don’t see the field you need listed below? You can alternatively request a custom data flood project.

  • Additional Signers Delinquency Level
  • CD Penalty Code
  • Custom Fields (UDM) – Account Data
  • Custom Fields (UDM) – Member Data
  • Delinquency Fine ID
  • Due Diligence Flag
  • ECOA Code
  • Electronic Hold Group
  • Freeze Code
  • Loan Assigned Employee ID(s)
    •   Approval ID
    •   Collections ID
    •   Interviewer ID
    •   Opened by ID
    •   Verified by ID
  • Marketing Opt In/Out Flag – CU Contact
  • Marketing Opt In/Out Flag – 3rd Party Contact
  • Maturity Date of a Loan
  • Negative Balance Limit Amount
  • Negative Balance Limit Lock Flag
  • New Account Reason Codes
  • New Member Reason Codes
  • Payment/Delinquent Control Option
  • Photo ID on File Flag
  • Purpose Code of a Loan
  • Review Date of a Loan
  • Security Code of a Loan
  • SEG Code
  • Statement Mail Group Code
  • Statement Print Style Code
  • User-defined Code 1
  • User-defined Code 2
  • Variable Rate Code
  • Wrong Email Address Flag

Don’t see the field you need flood listed above? Request a custom data flood project.

CU Self-Directed Data Floods Document

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