Compromised Card Solutions


This service allows credit unions to provide a compromised card list to CU*Answers and have cards mass reissued including closing of the old cards within 30 days of the new cards being issued. Regardless if there are 50 or 5,000 affected cards, the SettleMINT EFT team can save you time and reduce your risk exposure with our Compromised Cards Solutions.



A compromised card situation is something that no financial institution wants to encounter, but with constant large retailer breaches making headlines, it’s no secret that fraud is inevitable. When a compromised card situation occurs, the SettleMINT team is ready to assist! We are your one-stop solution, whether guiding you to finding potentially affected members or if you would like SettleMINT to take care of the entire process – from issuing new cards to closing old ones, we will take care of it so you don’t have to!

Regardless if there are 50 or 5,000 affected accounts, we provide 3 different options that can save you time and reduce any risk exposure.

What’s Included

  • After your vendor provides you with a list of potentially compromised cards, you provide us with the Excel file of card numbers via a secure source
  • Using that list, we will generate new card records in CU*BASE, giving you a report of old card number and new card number
  • After you’ve approved your card report, we send those card orders in the nightly file to your vendor
  • At your direction, we will Close or Hot Status the compromised cards in CU*BASE, giving you a report of previous card status and new card status
  • After you’ve approved your status report, we send those card status in the nightly file to your vendor (CU*BASE status is real-time)

Additional Features

Would you like to be contacted by Xtend Marketing team to assist with, a) creating a mailing list using the file of reissue cards for you to deliver to your print vendor or b) send an It’s Me 247 online banking or email your member using Member Connect?

CU*BASE and Compromised Cards Booklet

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