Credit Card Tune-Up


The Credit Card Tune-Up is a session where our SettleMINT EFT Team will review your credit union’s credit card configurations, dashboards and reports. At the end of each tune-up, you will be provided a detailed take-away email, listing all that was reviewed, as well as address any questions that were discussed during the meeting. We will also provide helpful material to assist with any changes you may want to make.


Tune-ups are beneficial to a credit union’s overall health as it gives an idea of where you are at with your credit card portfolio, as well as what changes you can make to tidy things up!

What’s Included

The purpose of a Credit Card Tune-Up is to ensure your credit card program is working how you expected it to be. Completing your tune-up, we will review the following configurations and reports:

  • Your BIN Configurations
    • Tool #146
    • Tool #567
  • Review Loan categories and products
  • CU Status Code Preferences (Tool #150)
  • Talk about card expiration processing (Tool #147)
  • Discuss any ordering/maintenance questions you may have
  • Discuss transaction screen and what the detail means
  • Discuss reports
    • CU*Spy/E-Doc reports
    • Overlimit Credit Cards (Tool #449)
    • List Inactive Credit Cards (Tool #448)
  • Discuss Credit Card Skip a Pay Configuration (Tool #317)
  • Discuss the EFT Dashboard (Tool #594)
  • Discuss Where your Members Shop (Tool #979)

This tune up is intended for back office staff that work directly with credit cards, their configuration set up, as well as reviewing their reports in CU*SPY.

What is needed: No prerequisites are needed – just zoom and you!
How long is the tune-up: The web session will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Helpful Material

Looking to make some changes to a loan category, run a new promotion, creating a new credit card loan, or needing assistance creating a card? We can help! Below are some helpful OnDemand videos and booklets to assist you with all of your credit card needs!

PDF Booklets:

Credit Card Promotions Guide

Credit Cards: Configuration Guide

Credit Cards: User Guide

OnDemand Videos:

loan creationloan creation

loan creation

Conducted via web conference.

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