Credit Card Batch (Off Trial Balance) to Online (In-House) Conversion


Additional vendor fees may apply

Making the decision to implement a change in your EFT portfolios can be exciting for your credit union.  Once you’ve conducted your preliminary evaluation and are ready for the next step, the SettleMINT EFT team can help!


Allows the credit union to convert their credit cards in-house from an off-line environment. This conversion would allow credit unions to view the loan on CU*BASE and would allow the member the ability to see the loan in It’s Me 247. They can make payments, advances, view pending transactions and more.

With a Batch to Online Credit Card Conversion, you may see a savings on your monthly costs of up to 45%! Based on reviews from credit unions with Online Credit Cards, these savings are noticed mainly with statement costs, as your credit card statements will now be mailed in the same envelope as your member statements saving you printing/mailing costs!

What’s Included

  • A SettleMINT conversion coordinator and programmer will be assigned to the project.
  • We will begin the conversion 6 months in advance of your conversion date. At this time, we will request a kick-off call to discuss the scope of the project and weekly conference calls from there with your credit union, SettleMINT, and your vendors.
  • SettleMINT will have testing of the conversion data and provide a clean up report.
  • SettleMINT will convert the data on date that was selected and ensure cards are working.

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