Reset ATM & Debit Limits (Set Same Value)


Price Quoted if over 3 BINs

This process involves the programmatic flooding of ATM/ Debit Card limits. This normally revolves around a change in the manner in which a specific Electronic Funds Transfer product was configured in the past and which needs to be reconfigured for the credit union.

This product is for setting all member’s limits to the same value. If you require more complex configuration, please order a Reset ATM & Debit Limits (Custom Configs).

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The Limit/Transaction Count Flood allows the credit union to change limits for ATM/Debit cards for the whole membership. The credit union will set new limits/transaction counts, and then the SettleMINT EFT team will update the BIN configuration for new cards going forward and will run the process to update the limits/transaction count for all existing cards.

What’s Included

Once the SettleMINT team receives the signed special project authorization back from the credit union, they will schedule a date and and time to process with the limit flood. They will:

  • Run a test flood, and place the report into your credit union’s HOLDXX out queue for you to review,/li>
  • Once the report has been verified, they will run the flood live, providing your credit unoin one final report within your HOLDXX out queue.

Who all needs to attend: This project is intended for an EFT Manager or above role who overlooks plastics at the credit union.

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