CU*Answers Recovery Test Reports


As your core data processor and critical vendor, you are required to regularly assess our ability to deliver the products and services your staff and members count on us for each and every day. At CU*Answers, we take Business Continuity and Information Security very seriously and have invested in technologies, such as high availability and redundant data communications, that give us the capabilities to minimize downtime. We test the technology and recovery procedures regularly, including live, high-availability rollover events at our secondary data center. Digital copies of our Recovery Test results are available at no cost to you.

How to Receive a Digital Copy of the CU*Answers Recovery Test Results

Add this item to your shopping cart (FREE of charge), and a copy of the most recent CU*Answers high-availability and recovery tests will be sent to the email address you provide, along with links to additional supporting documentation. As a CU*BASE credit union, you actively participate in each rollover event we perform. During these events, live production of CU*BASE is provided from our secondary data center for a minimum of three business days before redirecting production back to our primary data center. Make sure to share these test results with your Board of Directors and with IT auditors and examiners.

If you have any questions about the CU*Answers Business Continuity Plan and testing program, please feel free to contact a member of the Business Continuity Team.

What’s the Status of your Credit Union’s Business Continuity Plan and Testing Program?

Just as important as reviewing our plan is having a well-developed and tested recovery plan for your credit union. A solid plan helps to prepare you to continue serving your members, even when disruptive events occur. Put the experience of the CU*Answers Business Continuity Team to use in helping you meet your business and compliance goals and in preparing for the next IT audit and examination. You can find more information in our store or by contacting a Certified Continuity Expert today.

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