CU*BASE Strategic Release Management

$2,000.00 / yearly

CU*BASE Strategic Release Management is a service which equips credit union executives and managers to design strategic and meaningful approaches for the utilization of technology associated with major CU*BASE platform enhancements.

Happening twice per year each CU*BASE Strategic Release Management engagement is carefully, developed, planned and executed by the brand managers and developers of CU*Answers, specifically for the unique strategies of your credit union. Connect the people inside of your credit union to the people inside of CU*Answers.

Value of Participation

You have spent weeks reviewing CU*BASE Release documentation. Your staff has attended CU*Answers Release Training web conferences. Now it’s time to put all you have learned into action. Knowing exactly which features require action, and how to use others to create alignment with the goals of your credit union can seem overwhelming.

You are not alone. CU*Answers Management Services has an experienced team standing ready to guide you in your learning and decision-making processes.
How CU*BASE Release Management Benefits You

  • Integrates strategy, objectives, goals and technology making enhancements tangible.
  • Well defined approach helping you to maintain control over your tools while creating value for users and members.
  • Dedicated connections to the people inside of CU*Answers that will help translate tools into specific strategies.
  • Allows the credit union executive to establish alignment between their partner and their credit union
  • Equips the credit union manager to produce actionable outcomes beyond a focus on technology, products and features.

Together we will assure your credit union staff are empowered to use CU*BASE tools to create value for your members.

What You Will Do

Knowledge is power. The more your team knows about the specific language and aspects associated with features included in the CU*BASE Release, the more successful you will be. Requirements of participation are simple and easy to manage:

  • Review CU*BASE Release Materials
  • Actively participate in Owners Voice
  • Assign at least one representative from your credit union to organize meetings and measure progress against your credit unions overall objectives

What We Will Do

CU*BASE Release Management Team
The CU*BASE Release Management Team shall consist of one or more associates of each Brand associated with CU*Answers Management Service.

Bi-Annual Engagements
Typically, there are 2 major CU*BASE releases per year. Major releases are defined as several releases where new tools, changes to existing tools, new dashboards or features requiring activation or configuration changes occur. Credit Unions that participate in the CU*BASE Release Management services will receive engagement from specialized team members assigned by CU*Answers Management Services at the specific times when the criteria for a major release has been met.

Each Meeting is Carefully Timed and Planned
Each meeting is scheduled by a representative of the CU*BASE Release Management team and the credit union. Each meeting is held using Zoom our POV Web Conferencing Tool. We highly encourage our credit unions to utilize their web cams to interact with us personally! Don’t have a web cam? Visit CU*Answers Network Services on the store to place your order.

Each Engagement is Fully Managed
The entire process is fully overseen by the CU*Answers Management Services. All we ask of our credit unions is to provide one associate who will make scheduling decisions for your credit union, distribute communications and assure that all of the right players at your credit union are in the room during your scheduled program.

Post Engagement Recommendations
At the end of your meeting, your CU*BASE Release Management team member will provide recommendations. The majority of recommendations will be relative to the release. Additionally, recommendations may include special engagements and/or other educational opportunities defined by your credit union. At the end of the engagement, CU*Answers Management Services will collect results and provide one full report to your CEO.

Delivery and Fees

All services associated with CU*BASE Release Management Services will be provided via web conference (POV – Zoom). Requests for travel will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • $2,000 Annually
  • $0 – Zoom Session

Getting Started

Contact CU*Answers Management Services by email to or by phone to Julie Gessner, 800-327-3478 x131

CU*BASE Strategic Release Management Brochure

Why Use CU*BASE Strategic Release Management

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1 review for CU*BASE Strategic Release Management

  1. Linda Bodie

    It was awesome! I had a team of CU*Answers experts at my fingertips. Each presented their synopsis of the release items. I was able to ask questions and gain more insight into each specific enhancement. The team was wonderful!

    I will take advantage of “just turning it on” while I’m on the call and utilizing your teams to help us get stuff moving instead of putting it on the shelf to do later.”

    Love it!

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