Cybersecurity Training and Testing

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$18.50 per user/year for licensing; $3 per user/month for the management service

Are cybersecurity concerns keeping you up at night? A well-trained staff is a strong line of defense against the ever changing cyber threat landscape. The team at AdvantageCIO can train and test your staff on an ongoing basis to ensure their readiness.

AdvantageCIO has partnered with industry leader KnowBe4 to utilize their toolset and provide a fully managed approach to keeping your staff trained, tested and informed.



Our offering includes:

  • Consultant directed quarterly phishing testing and results reporting for all staff.
  • Tests will be designed to train the CU staff to be more diligent for phishing attempts which will help better safeguard member and business confidential information.
  • Monthly security awareness email campaigns.
  • Creation of a cybersecurity training program and integration into the Comprehensive Information Security Program (CISP), if applicable.
  • Manage cybersecurity training program with quarterly progress reporting to management.
  • Consultant directed annual USB drive test with results reporting.
  • Incorporation of all training and testing results into the Annual Information Security Report, if applicable.

The Process

  • Initial consult to determine the training requirements, such as how much time per month/quarter your staff spends on training exercises, as well as the schedule for testing.
  • We will design each test and get approval from your organization prior to launch.
  • On a quarterly basis we’ll provide a training and testing report.
  • Annual tests will be scheduled accordingly.
  • For clients subscribing to the AdvantageCIO Annual Cybersecurity Report for the Board of Directors, details on this program and results will be included in that report.


Cybersecurity Training and Testing can we started typically within 30 days of approval.

Next Steps

Email and setup a time for an introductory call to discuss our approach to Cybersecurity Training and Testing in more detail as well as answer any questions you have. Following the introductory call, AdvantageCIO will provide a detailed statement of work.

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