Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM)


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The Act provides for two different “match” methods: The “All Accounts” method, where your credit union would send a list of all memberships to the State, who would then use the file to match against their records; or the “Matched Accounts” method, where the State provides a complete list of all delinquent non-custodial parents and the credit union must return a list of any memberships that match the State’s list.

In the interests of protecting the confidentiality of your member data, CU*Answers uses the “Matched Accounts” method, where data received from your State is compared to your CU*BASE database, and a list of matching records is compiled and returned to the State for compliance to the Act. If you or your state require the ‘All Accounts’ method, please specify in the order below.

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First, submit your store order. We may request a copy of the paperwork provided to you by the State, and will discuss any particulars for your credit union. We will assist you in completing any agreement between you and your State agency, and set up any needed data exchange tests. Once the agreement has been completed, be sure to send a copy of the final document to CU*Answers, attention Operations Team, for our files.

How it Works

If you have made arrangements with CU*Answers regarding handling your credit union’s quarterly data match, the file will be processed within 5 business days after it is received at CU*Answers from your State agency. For more details, please refer to our Reference Guide for instructions.

NOTE TO MULTIPLE-STATE AND “BORDER” COMMUNITY CREDIT UNIONS: Because regulations can vary from State to State, we recommend that you sign a separate agreement with each state in which you do business.

For online credit unions, where CU*Answers will receive the file, perform the match and return the completed file to the State for you, a fee will be charged for each file processed (each quarter).

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