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reoccurring $25/month

It’s here – RDC IQ! It’s the Smarter, ‘It’s Quick!’ RDC near-real-time Posting Service Solution that you have been waiting for!

If you use eDOC as your RDC back-end processing vendor, then take your RDC program to the next level; when your member posts a check via RDC, RDC IQ will have the money in you member’s account as quick as can be!

*Pricing and availability for non-CU*Answers clients may be different than published for CU*Answers clients. Please contact your group provider for accurate pricing and availability dates.


If you are starting a new RDC program, or if you have an existing RDC program and are using eDOC as your back-end RDC provider, then this is the RDC transaction posting solution for you. For a fixed, low monthly fee, the RDC IQ posting solution will post your members’ transactions in the fastest manner possible – in a few seconds in many cases.

Schedule of Tasks

If you are already taking advantage of OpsEngine RDC Posting Services and have transaction files posted on a regular schedule, then this form is all you need to complete. You will be scheduled for migration to RDC IQ, the near-real-time posting process and OpsEngine will contact you to provide you with a date and will coordinate the transition.

If you are migrating from another vendor or are starting your RDC program, see requirements below. We will coordinate with eDOC and tour team to launch RDC with RDC IQ posting services in place at the start.

How it Works

Your RDC posting transactions will be routed through an API to the GOLD application to post on receipt. If the RDC transaction passes your business rules, this will be almost immediate. If the item is held for review, then the posting will be delayed until the transaction is reviewed. If it is approved, then the posting process will resume; there may be a brief delay in this case, as the item must be reacquired by the posting routine and moved back into the process. Your member will see their deposit very quickly after approval, in any case.

Technical Details

  • RDC IQ activations will be scheduled on Tuesday through Thursday on a first come, first served basis.
  • A limited number of migrations will be completed on any given day.
  • A minimum of 10 days lead time is required.
  • You will be notified of your migration date once you submit this form.
  • It is recommended that you have staff ready with checks to deposit so that 1) your staff becomes familiar with the RDC IQ user experience and 2) to immediately test the process before members start using the service.
  • The service is always active, excepting when your time zone is performing nightly processing (midnight and following).


  • You must have Mobile App 2.0, provided by the CU*Answers Internet Retailer Support Center.
  • You must use eDOC as your RDC back-end provider. We will work with eDOC to build your RDC processing environment.
  • You must provide the G/L number for offsets to posting amounts.
  • You must have an appropriate Direct Mail Post Code built for this process named ‘RDC’. OpsEngine can assist you in building this if necessary.
  • You must provide a group e-mail to send notifications to in case of a posting exception.
  • You will be responsible for understanding and configuring any holds applicable to your RDC items.

*Pricing and availability for CU*South and CU*NorthWest Clients may be different than published for CU*Answers clients. Please contact your Group Provider for accurate pricing and availability dates.

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1 review for RDC IQ

  1. Linda Bodie, Chief + Innovator, Element FCU

    With the near real time feature, members will see their deposits post to their account almost immediately. This new feature (coupled with very affordable pricing) makes this offering a no-brainer and a fantastic addition to the CU*Answers product line up. Settlement is easy, and there are lots of options to configure the program the way you want. You have the controls you’ve always wanted. RDC-IQ is the bomb!

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