I want to Anticipate Lending Opportunities


Mary Dlugokinski at Viriva CU

This document and the following volumes are intended to give a credit union a complete road map to execute a marketing campaign. This road map will take the user from the very beginning point all the way through to the end of the process and the evaluation of the campaign. This design will contain all the steps necessary to create the campaign, the steps to follow through to the end using the referenced CU*BASE options to mine the data and track the sales success.

CUs with online credit cards can use this document to identify current members that are making purchases at home improvement related stores. Through several marketing channels, contact the member in an effort to keep the credit union top of mind as the member’s borrowing needs arise/expand. The power of this campaign is in the opportunity to identify another target group, such as expectant families (look for names like Babies R Us, Motherhood, Maternity Ware, etc.) by grouping other “like” merchants.

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