It’s My Biz Configuration/Consulting


If your credit union is pursuing relationships with businesses, It's My Biz 247 should become an integral part of your credit union's business services portfolio.


After complete training demonstrating the power of It’s My Biz 247, Earnings Edge will configure your program and design a roll-out strategy intended to attract new accessibility options for your business relationships. Attract new community partnerships by using this valuable program.

Schedule of Tasks

  • Earnings Edge will configure It’s My Biz to be available to your business memberships.
  • Earnings Edge will coach your team on the plan for enrolling business members into It’s my Biz.
  • Earnings Edge will review the Business Bill Pay offering with your team.
  • Earnings Edge will consult with your team and will write a rollout plan for your team.
  • Earning Edge will work with your team on an approach for marketing It’s My Biz.

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