Service Charge Configuration/Review


Credit union members agree to be good stewards of services and willing to accept the responsibility of membership. This includes service charges and fees associated with operating expenses.

Schedule of Tasks

  • Earnings Edge will work with the credit union to determine the nature of their request and will suggest a CU*BASE Minimum Balance Service Charge, a CU*BASE Transaction Service Charge, a CU*BASE Account Service Charge, an existing fee configuration within CU*Base, or a custom project.
  • We will assist and review any marketing efforts the credit union has designed.
  • We will consult with the credit union on the options available to them. Earnings Edge will then configure the service charge, test the service charge (credit union will sign off on the test run…) and will implement the service charge.
  • Earnings Edge will then follow up for the first 3 months of the service charge to ensure expectations were met.

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