Post-Release Validation


PRV is an extension of Quality Control and engages clients to participate in the validation process for software changes that are released. Starting with the 20.11 release we are offering the PRV (Post Release Validation) service FREE OF CHARGE, to credit unions in our network, as an added value of participation in our cooperative. With this service we will review your configuration, posting options (if applicable), and fee waivers (if applicable) of the feature to ensure projects released work as warranted.


CU*BASE allows credit unions to design their products and services in a multitude of ways, so it is important to follow the verification process into the live environment to verify a broader spectrum of environments that can be done prior to release. PRV keeps the communication channels open and encourages credit unions to become a part of this verification process. This can also serve to help credit unions better understand changes and utilize CU*BASE more effectively.

PRV involves two points: First, we now have a dedicated CU*Answers team that watches credit union income and expense indicators after any software change that might have a ripple effect, especially with automatic processes that might happen behind the scenes. Dividend and interest accruals, fee posting routines, monthly service charges – all are processes that go on day after day and can become a little out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

Second, we have started adding the PRV indicator to our release materials, to give CUs a heads up on changes that could have a ripple effect on the credit union’s income statement.

Together, our aim is to bring things to light long before there’s a chance of major impact to a CU’s bottom line.

After Order is Received

A member of the Earnings Edge Team will reach out to discuss the process in greater detail. We will work with you to ensure the software release/projects are working as designed after implementation.

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