Tune-Up/Service Engine Check (powered by Earnings Edge)


With this Tune-Up/Service Engine Check, the Earnings Edge team will visit your credit union to work with your management team on an agenda that focuses on your credit union’s strategic plans. If you don’t have any strategic plans, the Earnings Edge team can help develop an agenda with your credit union in mind and educate your team on how CU*BASE and the CU*Answers team can help you achieve those goals.  During this on-site/in-person event we will review the latest CU*BASE releases, various CU*BASE configurations (some of which you may not have reviewed since you converted to CU*BASE), as well as any other topics that align with the vision of your credit union.


Sample Agenda

Day 1

9 AM – 10 AM Introductions, CU*BASE Release Strategies, and Review of 22.XX CU*BASE Release

10 AM – 12 PM Review of CU*BASE Configurations. We will review many of the configurations that your team reviewed at the time you converted to CU*BASE.

12 PM – 1 PM Working Lunch for Miscellaneous Questions/Discussion. How can CU*Answers assist your credit union in achieving your 2022 strategic goals?

1 PM – 3 PM Lending Configuration Review, Lending Workflow Strategies, Collections, etc.

3 PM – 4 PM Review of New/Favorite CU*BASE Dashboards and Most Recent Analytics Booth Releases 

Day 2

9 AM – 10 AM Follow-up/Questions from Day 1

10 AM – 11 PM Member Services Workflow Strategies, Configurations, and Tools

11 PM – 12 PM Wrap-Up/Miscellaneous Questions & Next Steps

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