Tiered Services Configuration/Tune-Up


Encourage desirable behavior by rewarding desirable behavior. The CU*BASE Tiered Services Levels relationship management program helps you analyze member behavior.


Each behavior that your credit union wants to encourage will be rewarded a certain number of points. Behaviors you wish to discourage, such as loan delinquency or a negative balance share account, can result in points being taken away. With CU*BASE Tiered Service programs you enjoy the flexibility of designing your program and the peace of mind knowing your program is being managed with its automated features.

Schedule of Tasks

  • Review existing Tiered Services Program or will configure a new robust program for the credit union. This will include a healthy representation of members in each tier level.
  • We will then provide suggestions for which fee waivers/benefits to implement for the Tiered Services program.
  • We will review any marketing material created by the credit union to ensure it matches the design of the overall program.
  • Earnings Edge will train the credit union on how to monitor their tiered services program and will facilitate a web conference for the first three months to review the results and answer any questions the credit union may have.

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