Mobile 7.0 Annual Update


Our first Mobile 7.0 DHD integration update is now available for credit unions wanting to launch the enhanced Tier 2 SavvyMoney integration, including a new credit score & loan offers widget.*

Mobile 7 includes 4 Quarterly Updates:

  • 7.0 – Integrations Updates
  • 7.1 – Member Experience Update
  • 7.2 – 2FA Security Update
  • 7.3 – Biometrics (FIDO Compliance) Update

Any credit union signing up for Mobile 7 will automatically be among the first in line for upcoming updates.

By acquiring the Mobile 7.0 Update, you will be seamlessly enrolled in our Annual Update Process, guaranteeing that you remain current with all forthcoming annual updates. As part of this service, you will be charged the annual fee for mobile updates. If you ever wish to opt-out in the future, please send an email to

*SavvyMoney is an optional third-party integration. For more pricing information, check out the link below.

View the Mobile App 7 Web Brochure

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