Project Team Communication and Coordination Services


Project Team Communication and Coordination Services will assist your credit union with the organizational tracking of where you are and what is next in delivering on the goals to complete and make your projects successful.

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Alycia Meyers, in her role as both Senior Technical Writer and Cross Team Project Communicator at CU*Answers, has been critical to the successful rollout of major projects at the CUSO, including the introduction of native bill pay and a navigation rehaul of CU*Answers’ CU*BASE® core platform, among others.

“CU*Answers specializes in adding shared team services to make things happen. Alycia specializes in coordinating team communications and status updates so projects move fluidly towards their goals. I know this style of project coordination has made it easier for me to stay in the loop, adjust, and get excited about where we are going. I am sure she can do the same for credit unions with big ideas. I hope people will get involved and Alycia can go from improving projects just for us to improving the execution of our whole network as collaborative developers.”

Randy Karnes
CEO, CU*Answers


Year-long, six-month, and four-month contracts are offered, with monthly extensions available.

• One Year: $5,000
• Six month: $3,000
• Four month: $2,400

Schedule of Tasks

Alycia will work alongside you, the project’s leader, in a secondary leadership position. She will assist you with building teams, leading weekly project meetings, reporting on decisions and action items from the meetings to both the team and stakeholders, and when requested also mapping out monthly responsibilities of team members.

How it Works

Contact Alycia Meyers at to set up a free hour consultation and see if this service is the right fit for your organization. Then purchase a contract through the store to begin working with her.

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Additional information

Contract Length

One Year – $5,000, Six Months – $3,000, Four Months – $2,400


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