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By signing up for CU*BASE Alerts, your credit union has a direct line of access to all the latest and ongoing developments regarding network and server maintenance, file delays, and any connectivity interruptions or unexpected issues we may encounter. Each alert that is posted by CU*Answers is accompanied by an email which indicates the category the alert falls under, making it easier for you to pass the information along to appropriate staff members.

By signing up for CU*BASE Alerts, your staff is also enrolled to receive CU*Answers Client News communications. Client News is primarily focused on marketing and educational efforts, with emails that promote new and existing products, upcoming webinars, resources available on our website and more!

Sign up for CU*BASE Alerts and CU*Answers Client News today and we’ll keep you informed of all the latest news in the network!

(Please note: the CU*BASE Alerts site is protected under the umbrella of the CU*Answers network. As such, you must use a workstation that is connected to the network to read the full content of our alerts.)

Client News is also the delivery channel that CU*Answers Client Services & Education uses to deliver the End of Month Checklist Form. If you have staff responsible for End of Month tasks, we recommend that you sign them up to receive Client News and Alert emails.

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