Query Guide: Members Receiving Unemployment


This free guide includes step-by-step instructions for a person with query skills to build a string query identifying memberships who have received unemployment deposits in a recent month. Identifying memberships receiving unemployment is the first step toward creating a strategy for tracking and assisting these situations.

Please Note: The steps included in this guide are detailed but they assume the reader already has entry-level understanding of database terminology and query navigation.

Use this free guide to assist with the first part of your credit union’s strategy for tracking and assisting memberships which are unemployed. Included in the instructions is:

  1. A set of written instructions (PDF) which includes information on next steps once the query is complete
  2. A companion video tutorial (YouTube) demonstrating the steps to build the query.

The Asterisk Intelligence team has published this resource to assist any query-writer tasked with handling the query aspects of your efforts to identify these memberships. Don’t forget to make plans for how to track and assist:

Step 1 – Find and list the members receiving unemployment deposits (via Query)
Step 2 – Take action with the list of members – study, reach out, create data

What can be done with a list of unemployed members?

Take action – the following is a simple director of system tools or procedures you can use to execute. For detailed information on a specific tool or procedure, please consult available guides and educational material available online at help.cubase.org or contact the Client Service Team.

  • Look at what/who is in the file – Library Dashboard (Tool 1980)
  • Analyze the list of members – Common Bonds (Tool 232)
  • Send a plain-text email or online banking message – Member Connect Marketing Tools (Tool 497)
  • Add email address to the list – Append Member Email to Existing File (Tool 1640)
  • Add mailing address to the list – List Generator (Tool 447) or Query (Tool 100)
  • Add phone numbers to the list – Query (Tool 100)
  • Print mailing labels – Member Connect Marketing Tools (Tool 497) or List Generator (Tool 447)
  • Flood contact or note trackers – Member Connect Marketing Tools (Tool 497) for sales tracker type only, or Create Tracker Notes/Leads from File (Tool 312) for any tracker type
  • Flood an unemployed code/indicator to the membership – Self-Directed Data Floods (Tool 1220) which requires a membership UDM field
  • Download the list to Excel – Data Transfers (Upload or Download) (Tool 1375) special permissions apply

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