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Offer members the ability to download their account transactions directly from It’s Me 247 online banking to the latest versions of Quicken and QuickBooks financial-management software programs!

With Intuit’s Web Connect, a secure one-way connection is made between a member’s It’s Me 247 online banking account and Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks.

Whether targeting individual or business accounts, you can offer this download capability to these financial management products and provide a valuable service to your members.

To sign up, fill out and upload the below form when adding this service to your cart.

Quicken QuickBooks Sign Up Form

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY


Intuit requires a proprietary file format in order to download account history from online banking to newer versions of Quicken. In order to use this format, CU*Answers paid Intuit for initial development and certification costs, and our teams have now completed the required programming and testing.

In order for members to begin downloading their account history using this format, your credit union must pay a one-time launch fee and an annual maintenance fee to Intuit for continued use of the download process by your members.

Please note that although CU*Answers paid for the up-front development and certification, we will not be charging any fees for the use of this feature. The only fees you pay are to Intuit for the ongoing use of the service.

Schedule of Tasks

Getting started is easy! Follow the steps below to get started offering these download services to your members. It typically takes about 30 days from the time we receive your signed signup form to when we can activate the service, although you can choose a date further down the road if you wish.

  1. Determine your fees using the form on Page 3 of the Brochure and Pricing Guide listed below.
  2. Complete the “Sign Me Up!” form and return it to CU*Answers Client Services and Education team by attaching it to this product using the “Browse” button. Add this product to your cart and check out to alert a Client Service Representative of your interest in this product.
  3. A Client Service Representative will call you to verify the information you sent, and review any necessary details. Upon your approval, the CSR will submit the branding request to Intuit to complete.
  4. Intuit will establish a branding ID, identifying your credit union as a member financial institution. This opens the channel for members to download from their accounts in It’s Me 247 online banking to Quicken and/or QuickBooks. Please note, by having a branding ID with Intuit, your credit union name will appear on their website so that consumers looking for a financial institution that offers these downloads will see your credit union’s name in the list. You’re also entitled to use the Intuit logos and materials for your marketing efforts.
  5. A Client Service Representative will work with you to schedule a launch date, typically about 30 days from the date we receive your completed signup form. When choosing a launch date, keep in mind that Intuit does not prorate the annual participation fee for a mid-year launch. (See the product brochure and pricing guide for more information on Intuit’s annual participation period).
  6. Intuit will send you a welcome letter with information about how to access their marketing and educational materials.
  7. Get the word out to your members.
  8. Based on your credit union’s asset size, the one-time launch fee and annual participation fee will be issued to you by CU*Answers
  9. On your scheduled launch date, a Client Service Representative will set the flag in CU*BASE to open up the channel for your members.

How it Works

Using the Quicken or Quickbooks product, your members will be able to directly download their financial information through the program, rather than import the transaction history from It’sMe 247. Members will also have the option to download the transaction history in the Quicken or the Quickbooks file format on the “Downloads” page of It’sMe 247.

Technical Details

This product does not provide your members with downloads of the Quicken/Quickbooks software, only allows direct download of financial data to the software members have to purchase on their own. Only the last two versions plus the current version of the Quicken/Quickbooks software is supported. Members need to download the most current version of their software to continue to utilize this download feature.


To purchase this product, the “Sign Me Up!” form must be completed and submitted with the “Browse” button above. When setting up a launch date, please allow 30 days from the submission of purchase of this product for configurations to be completed.

Quicken Quickbooks Brochure

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