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Is your business currently operating with a number team members working from home? Are you considering that this may be a longer term setup, with some of your team members becoming permanent at home workers?

The current pandemic may change the way we approach in office versus remote work for the foreseeable future. In recognition of this, the NCUA has issued guidance (20-RISK-01 / April 2020) on how to work remote while maintaining security best practices and safeguarding member information



The experts at AdvantageCIO can help you measure effectiveness of the security controls around your remote access resources with our Remote Access Assessment. The assessment scope includes the following:

  • Technical controls
    • Geo-location filtering, multiple logins based on time/distance.
    • Concurrent session limits
    • Account authentication policy enforcement
    • Conditional access, such as time or day
    • Multifactor authentication
    • User account permissions
    • Encryption
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Endpoint remediation
    • Incident detection and alerting
    • Ongoing monitoring and management capabilities
  • Administrative controls
    • Remote access policy
    • Employee acknowledgement
    • Activity logging and reporting
    • Incident response planning/testing
  • Physical controls
    • CU plan for evaluating remote work sites
    • Best practices for use of peripherals

The Process

  • Scoping, statement of work, approval and initial information request
  • Request for credentials/configuration reviews.
  • Schedule assessment – can be completed onsite or remotely.
  • Draft report delivery to client, review session to explain findings and high, medium and low priority recommendations.
  • Report finalized, delivered.


Remote Access Assessment generally take less than 30 days from start to finish, however this can depend on several factors, including client size/complexity, resource availability, etc.

Next Steps:

We will setup a time for an introductory call to discuss our approach to the Technology Assessment in more detail as well as answer any questions you have. Following the introductory call, AdvantageCIO will provide a detailed statement of work.

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