Request Center Access

Request Center lets your credit union work requests from custom online forms created from CU*Answers Forms Generator product.  Once your custom online forms are public facing your credit union will need access to work these requests, which could include amounts from a credit card increase request, images from a voided check, or a PDF a member uploaded from a custom loan application.

Within the request center your credit union can assign to team members, assign a form status (assigned, working, completed), or export form data (select one or multiple form submissions).

Each team member can then request Form Notifications where this will notify the email address the user has registered.

The credit union will need to order your custom online form as a first step.

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If your credit union has your custom online forms created by CU*Answers and listed from your credit union website, mobile app, or desktop It’s Me 247 you will need access to Request Center to work your member requests.

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