Savings/Checking/Certificate Product Tune-Up


As the financial needs of members change so too changes the need of the credit union to review their product and service offerings. Earnings Edge will work through all existing products and ensure the credit union is reaching its goals while having maximum benefit to revenue. We depart knowing you have the knowledge to maintain your savings program offerings well into the future.

Schedule of Tasks

  • Earnings Edge will review all CU*BASE configurations related to savings, checking, and certificate products. This will include reviewing the aspects of products that are most popular with credit unions today and also review the elements of the software that may not currently be configured (debit round up, qualified dividends, etc.).
  • We will facilitate 3 different web conferences with the credit union to work through all existing products and ensure the credit union is left with the knowledge to configure their own products in the future.
  • We will then provide a document after the review/analysis is completed that lists all of the opportunities for the credit union to choose from. The credit union may wish to implement all or some of the suggestions as a result of the tune up event.

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