TruStage Integration


Additional $0.75 per application

Allows applications submitted from your credit unions TruStage application portal to be delivered directly to CU*BASE. As applications are imported, credit reports will be pulled, and the application will amortize following the CU*BASE product calculations.

Additional Details

Applications will utilize a unique delivery channel to identify where loans came from giving your credit union the ability to track application volume. The delivery channel will also use predetermined collateral codes to identify the loan product to import under and ultimately the category the loan will be serviced under.

The collateral codes supported today are- Auto, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycle, Credit Cards, 1st and 2nd Mortgages, and Other. As applications are imported CU*BASE uses either collateral age or dollar amount and the term of the application to identify the correct loan product.


Once an order is submitted, a Lender*VP Team member will reach out within two business days to confirm the order was received and notify TruStage of the request. After confirming your order a project will be created and will follow a 60-90 day development timeline from request to live.

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