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$0.20/notice + shipping and handling

Spend your time where it matters, not stuffing envelopes! Have your notices professionally printed and mailed daily through Sage Direct, LLC. You can even pick which notices that you want us to produce. You will have professional-looking notices created that are guaranteed to go out on the day they are generated – and you can save time and money doing it.

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This service will take the time and hassle of printing notices, inserting them into envelopes, and mailing them off your hands – and depending upon your volume, it could save you money on the process. It’s as simple as completing this request and letting us know what work you would like OpsEngine to take off your hands. You will immediately benefit from professionally printed notices guaranteed to go out in a timely fashion.

Schedule of Tasks

  • Complete this form, including a start date.
  • The OpsEngine team, the data center specialists of CU*Answers, will contact you and review your order.
  • Then, on the date you selected, we will begin processing your notices for you.

How it Works

Your notices we be converted into data and bundled with notice data from all the CUs using this service. The data is sent securely in the early morning to Sage Direct, LLC, who will then print and mail your notices. They will aggregate all notices across CUs into batches to procure the best postal rates possible. You will be charged $0.20 per notice and the cost of materials and postage with no markup.

Technical Details

  • On receipt of your request, the OpsEngine team will contact you and review startup.
  • Allow a minimum of ten days to activate the service.
  • You will need to identify which notices that you want to have professionally produced and mailed.
  • You may change which notices are printed, but please allow for a delay as we will need to revise our daily notice process to accommodate your request.

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