Web Quality Assurance

$100.00$500.00 / one time fee

$75-$275/month depending on membership & service level

Interested in making your site more accessible and providing a satisfying web experience for all your current and future members?

CU*Answers is growing our current Web Accessibility Service to include an expanded area of quality assurance.

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Using a robust toolkit of testing resources, this new service will check your most visited web pages for accessibility, quality and performance, regulatory compliance, and search engine optimization. The goal of the Quality Assurance Service is to provide your members with a quality experience and setting the stage for your website to continue to be your Internet Retailing focal point.

In addition to monitoring adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the service will also review the following:

  • Broken links
  • Misspellings
  • Required disclaimers, logos, and disclosures
  • Optimized use of headings, keywords, and meta information for maximized search engine visibility
  • Browser and mobile compatibility

How it Works

The service begins with a comprehensive report being created for the state of the existing website, which is then used to discuss and develop a plan for remediating issues that have been identified. Included in the services is up to 10 hours of development and remediation time, which must be used with the first year of enrollment.
Reports provided by CU*Answers may identify areas that are not necessary to remediate. In these cases, Web Services and the client will discuss and agree not to pursue reconciliation, and these decisions will be tracked in successive reports.

Following the initial comprehensive report, we will continue to scan and monitor your website and provide monthly reports focusing on one or more areas of the quality assurance categories (Accessibility, Quality and Performance, Regulatory Compliance, Search Engine Optimization). Every update to your content could affect your quality assurance findings. If issues appear, Web Services will provide analysis and estimates on time and cost to remediate problem areas.

Quality Assurance Monitoring and Reporting
CU*Answers Web Services will use a suite of tools to scan both existing sites to ensure quality as well as adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Monitor and Report
All enrolled clients will have monitored websites with monthly reports reviewing the credit union’s website performance and recommendations for remediation where appropriate.

Service Cost

CU*Answers Web Services hosted sites

  • One time setup fee: $500*
  • 10 hours of remediation time included
  • After 10 hours are exhausted, $125/hour billed in 15 minute increments

*Waived if Web Services designed website has been launched within last 6 months

Websites not hosted by CU*Answers Web Services

  • One time setup fee: $100
  • Does NOT include remediation

Tiered Monthly cost for each site

  • Tier 1: < 5,000 members - $75/month
  • Tier 2: 5,000 – 15,000 members – $150/month
  • Tier 3: > 15,000 members – $225/month

Web Quality Assurance Brochure

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