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Concerned about your website and web accessibility? Worried about the WCAG 2.0 guidelines and how your website conforms? CU*Answers Web Services has launched a new scanning, reporting and remediation service to monitor your website and guide your journey toward conformance.

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How does it work?

The Website Accessibility Service Life-Cycle
Powered by Siteimprove, a global leader in website content management, this new service scans your website weekly and provides your content managers and the CU*Answers Web Services developers with specific details about your website’s adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). According to the W3C, no automated scanner can 100% detect or guarantee conformance with the WCAG guidelines, this service can help improve both the quality of your website content and monitor adherence to WCAG*.

The service begins with a report being created for the state of the existing website, which is then used to discuss and develop a plan for remediating issues that have been identified. Included in the service is up to 10 hours of development and remediation time, which must be used within the first year of enrollment. In addition, Web Services will inform and teach clients how to remediate problems for themselves and educate the client on best practices to avoid creating additional conformity issues in the future.


Service CostAt the conclusion of the 10 hours of developer time, Web Services will provide a new report which can be used to compare the implemented improvements. If the credit union website has not met an acceptable level of conformity, the Web Services Team will provide an estimate for additional time to remediate additional issues.

Reports provided by CU*Answers may identify areas that are not necessary to remediate. In these cases, Web Services and the client will discuss and agree not to pursue reconciliation, and these decisions will be tracked within the Siteimprove platform.

Once your credit union website has met an acceptable level of conformity, we will continue to scan and monitor your website and provide monthly reports to your credit union. Every update to your content could affect your accessibility findings. If issues appear, Web Services will provide analysis and estimates on time and cost to remediate problem areas.

Siteimprove Monitoring and Reporting

SiteimproveCU*Answers Web Services will use the Siteimprove platform to scan both existing sites and sites in development to work towards meeting the guidelines. Along with accessibility guidelines, Siteimprove also allows Web Services to identify broken links, misspellings, and other quality assurance issues which will be delivered in reports.

During development, Web Services will build and scan your site simultaneously to minimize non-conformity issues down the road.
At site launch, Web Services will scan and review new websites using Siteimprove and make an action plan for any unresolved issues prior to launch.
All enrolled clients will have monitored websites that will produce alerts and Web Services will notify the client and create a remediation plan.
Web Services Team will compile and deliver a report each month reviewing the credit union’s website performance using Siteimprove.


Every new Web Services website will utilize Siteimprove throughout development- CU*Answers Web Services will use Siteimprove as a platform for ensuring quality at launch. Clients will then have the opportunity to enroll to continue receiving reports.


What are the WCAG 2.1 Guidelines?
WCAG was developed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international community dedicated to standards for web sites, including practices for accessibility. These guidelines are constantly under development and review. While WCAG does not have the force of law, and therefore cannot be complied with, adherence to WCAG standards can help show website content is accessible to persons with disabilities. The WCAG 2.1 guidelines were released in early June. These guidelines build on the established WCAG 2.0. Siteimprove is working to incorporate any automated checks into their platform.
How does my credit union keep up with changing accessibility guidelines?
Siteimprove Content and Accessibility platforms currently use Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) as the guide. Siteimprove also updates
their service to the latest WCAG guidelines when they have been established, so you’re always ahead of the curve.
What is the ADA?
The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law in 1990 and prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. ADA may require accommodations be made to allow any person with disabilities to access your website content. However, at this time it is unclear how this law applies to websites.
By using this platform is my credit union website ADA Compliant?
Unfortunately, no. This is impossible because legally compliant standards have not been established. Therefore, this option assists with adherence to an internationally recognized interpretation of accessibility standards.
Why do we say conformance and adherence rather than compliance?
WCAG is not law. You are conforming to optional, but recommended, guidelines.
By using this service is my credit union guaranteed protection against lawsuits alleging ADA violations?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a lawsuit will not be brought against your credit union. CU*Answers will provide a service that improves accessibility to your members and visitors. However it is impossible to predict how an attorney may interpret the recommended conformance guidelines.
Can I have access to the Siteimprove dashboard for my credit union?
No. As part of our partner agreement with Siteimprove, only CU*Answers employees have access to the dashboard. You may choose to sign up with Siteimprove directly and have your own agreement. However, a CU*Answers team member will send you a personalized report of the findings from your Siteimprove scans and monitoring.

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