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Xpress Check Direct offers the best in web-hosted Remote Deposit Capture, amplifying your suite of business-class solutions beyond the ordinary core solutions. Business-class RDC continues to grow in demand and is a great fit for any business that receives paper check payments.

  • Traditional business-class Remote Deposit Capture
  • Scan and deposit checks remotely via Check 21 or ACH Conversion
  • Reduce check handling and operating expenses
  • Next day settlement or same day credit via customized posting file
  • Meet the growing demand for business-class check imaging solutions


ACH Direct delivers an all-in-one business class solution for ACH payroll direct deposit, cash management transfers, pre-authorized debits, vendor payments, international ACH and more. Web-hosted with intuitive navigation, this multi-solution platform enables your credit union to compete in the commercial marketplace and retain your most valued business members.
Dual-controls, risk limit management, pre-noting, and multi-level login creates a secure, low-risk environment and NACHA compliant solution. ACH Direct is the essential foundation for a successful treasury management and business e-banking program.

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