Add Funding to Membership Opening

$595.00 / yearly

Additional fees below.

Add Funding to your credit union MOP site, members will fund their accounts directly in the membership opening site from a debit or credit card.

Title Pricing
FI Setup & Training $595 One-Time set up charge to FI (covers first 12 months)
FI Annual Maintenance $595 invoiced upon Contract anniversary (covers subsequent 12 months)
Per ACH Transaction Fee $0.40
Per Cancel Posting Fee $15.00
Per Transaction Credit/Debit Card 2.75% of Monthly Gross Volume + $1.00 per transaction (transactions capped at $1,500) *
Annual Merchant Account Fee (per MID) $75.00
Chargeback Fee $35.00 per instance
Cancel Posting Fee $15.00

* Tiered pricing with higher payment cap available upon request.



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