Credit Union Custom MOP Fields

MEV (Membership Eligibility Verification) for MOP allows credit unions to capture information from the member that might not be a part of the MOP process.  Credit unions can capture how the member is eligible to join the credit union, an image of their driver’s license/identification, adding a joint owner, or whatever else the credit union is looking to obtain for the member.  The data from MEV for MOP will then transfer into the Request Center (not integrated with CU*BASE), for the credit union to work.


Credit unions can add a custom online form to your MAP/MOP sites for further information you are looking to capture.  The credit union will need access to the Request Center to work this data.

Some ideas of custom forms that credit unions have included:

  • Capture a copy of driver’s license/identification
  • How is the member eligible to join the credit union?
  • Further products/services the member is interested in
  • Add a joint owner to membership

This can be any custom data the credit union is looking to capture!

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