Analyze Fee Waivers and Refunds


This analysis evaluates the questions – Could waivers or refunds be impacting yearly income for the credit union? This analysis will evaluate and quantify the reasons and rates of waivers and refunds being performed for members.


This analysis is designed to support planning and strategic discussions on non-interest income, especially for credit unions looking to identify opportunities or weaknesses in their fee programs. The members of Asterisk Intelligence will compile the data in a format easy to read and digest, and present it so it can be shared with your staff, board, or other interested stakeholders. Review the Sample Analysis (PDF) for further details on project scope. Exact results, design, and presentation methods may vary.

Once You Order

Once you place your order, the Asterisk Intelligence Team will contact you to confirm a few details and provide an estimated timeline for completion of the analysis. You may choose to cancel the order at any time before accepting the estimated delivery date. The team will add the analysis to their project calendar.

What You Receive

Once complete, you will be provided with a report (PDF) and the analysis findings via a personalized 30-60 minute briefing (typically via Zoom). We will discuss findings and how to use the analysis. The option for a longer or on-site briefing with your team or board is available to be quoted upon request.

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Sample Analysis (PDF)

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