Courtesy Pay – Understanding Participation and Utilization


Courtesy Pay fee programs have been a topic of national attention in 2022, with several national banks deciding to adjust their fee schedules, prompting many more financial institutions to start scrutinizing their own practices. How many of your members are using these services? What types of transactions are causing these fees? And what would happen to your income if you were to adjust your program configurations? Make informed decisions and arm yourself with a Courtesy Pay Fee Program Analysis from Asterisk Intelligence.


During this analysis research project, our Analysts will identify and analyze the transactions generating each fee for insights into transaction types and channels; transaction amounts, and resulting balances. Our Analysts will identify your members who are frequent users of these services, as well as providing demographic insights into your population of Courtesy Pay Users. Are you considering adjusting your fee program configurations? You have questions, we specialize in finding the answers. This analysis project will give you the insights you need to confidently make informed operational decisions.

What to Expect

After placing your order you will be contacted by an Analyst to discuss the specifics of your project. Projects are typically delivered 3-5 weeks after placing your order.

Your NSF/Courtesy Pay Analysis will include the following:

  • Summary of the Last 12 Months of ANR/NSF Fees
  • Ranked List of Members with the Most ANR/NSF Fees
  • Balance/Purchase Amount Analysis for ANR/NSF Fees
  • Delivery Channel Analysis
  • Basic Member Information – “Who paid a fee?”
  • Regulation E and Checking Account Statistics
  • CU*BASE Database Files for Member Connect, Common Bonds, Trackers, etc.
  • Summary of Last 12 Months of Overdraft Transfer Fees
  • (Optional) 1-Hour Consultation Call
  • Up to 10 “What If” Model Scenarios – 4 Single-Variable Models, 3 Two-Variable Models, 3 Two- or Three-Variable Models

The potential model parameters may include:

  • Changes in Pricing Structure (by fee type and/or transaction origin)
  • Available vs. Actual Balance for ATM/Debit Transactions
  • Non-Fee Tolerance
  • Transaction Amount Minimum
  • Daily Fee Limits per Member

This report will be delivered electronically as a PDF document.


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