Kasasa Loan Application Export


Plus $1.00/application

CU*Answers and Kasasa have established a relationship to offer the Kasasa Loan program to your members. This product requires an existing relationship with the Kasasa Loan program in order to activate the CU*Base application export. If you have signed up with Kasasa check out with this item in your cart to begin the process of exporting your Kasasa applications.


Use CU*Base to book your Kasasa loan applications, and use unique underwriting codes to transmit the applications directly to Kasasa for servicing.

Schedule of Tasks

  1. Establish relationship with Kasasa
  2. Request CU*BASE export
  3. Identify any forms that are required for Kasasa loan application process – see requirements
    (CU*Answers has programmed a Kasasa Loan Agreement which can be used for a one-time $100 implementation fee. A quote will be provided for any other custom forms programming)
  4. Create Loan Categories in CU*BASE based on any new offerings you intend to offer through Kasasa

How it Works

Applications are created in CU*Base and submitted to Kasasa for servicing. The application process will remain the same as any other CU*Base loan. After completing the application, use the Kasasa Loan underwriting code to approve and create the OTB loan. The underwriting code is used to identify the applications that need to be transmitted to Kasasa for servicing. After using the OTB Approved option the application will be removed from the CU*BASE loan queue.

Technical Details

Applications will be automatically reviewed for the Kasasa Loan underwriting code and transmitted. No additional steps are required in CU*Base after the appropriate code is added to the application. These loans will be fully serviced on Kasasa. No information beyond the application will be stored in CU*BASE, any balance information, payments, or inquiries will be done through Kasasa.

NOTE: We have an existing project with the vendor to create an OTB file exchange, this project has been put on hold by the vendor until further notice. To track members who have an existing loan Kasasa loan product a member account comment, tracker, or OTB loan record must be created manually.


Credit union must have an established relationship with Kasasa Loan Program.

Any custom forms for the Kasasa loan applications will require a project sheet and bid request. If you need any additional forms please have them available at time of check out so we can get a project added to the Lender*VP Forms work queue. Custom forms requests are handled in the order they are received and can take up to 8 weeks for implementation.

CU*Answers has programmed the Kasasa Loan Agreement form and is available for a one-time $100.00 implementation fee.

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