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Insights into the health of your Online Credit Card Portfolio just got much EASIER! Have you been looking for period to period comparisons reviewing metrics such as total transaction activity, interest income, fee income, member payment activity, and even estimated interchange income? Spend less time data mining and generating reports, and more time considering how to leverage actionable portfolio insights.

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Spend less time gathering your data and more time considering how to ACT on insights. This PDF report provides insights into:

  • Portfolio Balances by Credit Quality
  • Member Purchase Transaction Volumes
  • Utilization of Disbursement Limits
  • Portfolio Contingent Liability
  • Member Age Demographics
  • Insights into the types of merchants members are transacting with
  • Top of card wallet utilization
  • And more!

Your data is an Asset. Together let’s leverage it to manufacture value.

* This report is only available to credit unions who have an Online Credit Card Portfolio. (This data is not available on OTB credit card portfolios)
** Reports are typically prepared and delivered to you via email within 3-5 business days of placing your order.

Sample Credit Card Scorecard

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