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additional travel and expense costs apply for on-site events

The topics and teachings in this event are available FREE online (documentation, recorded webinars, live webinars), and on-site at CU*Answers during Asterisk Intelligence Week. See the description below for details. This specialty on-demand training is a focused and in-depth training dedicated for any individual or group of individuals at your credit union. Scholarship opportunities available for this on-demand option – Please note any interest within the Comments section of your order.


Looking for Query Training

Many people would like to learn, refine, or refresh skills with the Report Builder (Query) Tool in CU*BASE. You’ve come to the right place to accomplish those goals! Many free resources and events are offered every year to teach Query – This page is only for ordering a special, customized on-demand training. Refer to these locations for the free resources and video trainings on Report Builder (Query):

View the first video training session – Report Builder 1: Working with Computer Stored Data
View the second video training session – Report Builder 2: Building Custom Reports
View the third video training session – Report Builder 3: Custom Data Tables & String Queries

Visit the Asterisk Intelligence webpage for additional resources – Query Training Documentation

Continue reading if you would still like to hire Asterisk Intelligence for a special on-demand training event for yourself or your credit union.

Topics Covered

This event will teach the following tools and skills:

  • Using the Report Builder (Query) Tool settings and features
  • Working with and understanding CU*BASE data

Approximately 60% of time spent in this training event will teach the full purpose and function of each element of the Report Builder (Query) tool, including the more advanced features and strategies such as Custom Fields, summarizing a data set, and string queries.
The other 40% is spent learning a foundational understanding of the rules and best practices for working with CU*BASE data – where to find it, how to read it, and how to treat it within the Query tool.

Scope of Material

As with any of the free training materials and events, you will leave with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to begin the ongoing process of applying your skills to actual projects. Several project examples will be covered and accomplished within this event.

Practice and regular projects should be maintained after learning query in order to develop a further knowledge of data sources and comfortability with managing the data in Query. Identifying and working with CU*BASE data for building custom reports is an ongoing effort and learning experience.

Event Details – Scheduling

We schedule 10-14 hours of direct training time with you or with your group. Training can take place in-person (one of us travels to the other), or through webinar sessions. You are responsible for travel costs and expenses if Asterisk Intelligence is traveling to you.

Agenda Options

Each credit union and person’s daily routines are different and we offer two options for handling the logistics of scheduling training into your day. Either option can be set up for consecutive dates, or split in any combination of dates. All training dates are expected to be completed within a 2-week period. Either option is the same cost.

Option 1 – Two full days with 6-7 total hours scheduled into each day.

Option 2 – Three to Four half-days with 3-4 consecutive hours scheduled into each day.

Remember, educational materials and video trainings are available as a free resource to learn about the Query tool and CU*BASE data.

Course Requirements

  • CU*BASE Access – a user ID and access to a computer/laptop that is capable of running CU*BASE. Note: We have up to four computer stations available on-site at CU*Answers. Groups larger than four should bring their own VPN-capable laptops with CU*BASE installed.
  • Tool Authorities – A list of required CU*BASE tools will be provided.

Competencies Covered

Level 1

  1. Understand data storage structure (Warehouse/Library, File, Field, Record, Data) to manipulate in query
  2. Understand data formatting (Dates, Numeric, Alpha-numeric) to manipulate in query
  3. Locate and review data sources in CU*BASE to identify purpose and use. (Tool 332)
  4. Navigate the Query tool to review current custom queries and the Library Dashboard tool to review current custom tables
  5. Open a data table to view the data it holds (final results of custom query, export files from a dashboard, etc)
  6. Create basic and/or statements with individual fields to find certain subsets of data within files.
  7. Close queries appropriately for both actions of 1) executing/running, and 2) when only editing (to avoid overwriting data)
  8. Use query output selections correctly to allow the use of results for either further query-work, downloading, or printing
  9. Use the Data Transfer download software to download a custom CU*BASE file to your PC (special authority permissions apply)
  10. Use all the above skills (1-9) to practice building and maintaining basic custom queries (1-2 steps, 2-4 filters)

Level 2

  1. Summarize large data sets by a field of choice (ex. count by branch, total by employee, etc)
  2. Connect two or more files to utilize the data in each, and/or as a method of filtering/exclusions.
  3. Append multiple sources of data for a consolidated list (add to member)
  4. String query concepts (ex. summarize TRANS1 by account base to link to MASTER later)
  5. Custom fields (calculations with data and manipulating formats)
  6. Pull report of query properties for review as needed or at CU*BASE releases (Tool 654)
  7. Add and maintain queries within the query scheduler feature (Tool 758 and PRUNAQ report)

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