Staff Briefing – Understanding Your Data Resources

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There is common belief that we have only tapped 10% of our brains’ capabilities. Although this belief has been highly contested, we can say with confidence that many credit unions only utilize about 10% of CU*BASE’s data resources. Are you maximizing the value of your investment in CU*BASE? During your briefing, Asterisk intelligence will expose your team to existing data sources and strategies which you can leverage to improve internal efficiency, marketing strategies, and operational awareness. Get the most out of your investment with the aid of Asterisk intelligence.



During your team briefing, Asterisk Intelligence will review the data resources available to your team. Strategies in each of your 6 CU*BASE warehouse silos will be covered providing insights into function, content, and retention. Data access and visualization techniques will be covered, as well as introductions to our newest data strategies such as Database Views, Unique Data Management, and Data Warehousing options on the CORE. If you’re looking to engage with your data, generating data insights and efficiency start here with Asterisk Intelligence.

What You Will Receive

Briefings can be conducted onsite or via telepresence. Content will be coordinated in advance allowing us to personalize your briefing to focus on topics not currently being utilized by your team. Common topics include:

  • Dashboards – Operations
  • Dashboards – Marketing
  • Dashboards – Financial
  • Database Views
  • Under-recognized CU*BASE tools or reports
  • Unique Data Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Exploration Techniques

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