Save to Win Monthly Reporting (Queries)


If you are launching, or currently offering your members, a ‘Save to Win’ product, this query string will help you with your monthly reporting obligations! Our analysts will build queries in CU*BASE that are ready for you to process each month to produce a file you can review then submit as your Monthly Data Upload to Save to Win.

Product Type(Required)
Max. file size: 128 MB.
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Save yourself the time of architecting the query to report Save to Win’s exact requirements by hiring us to do it for you! It may take 10-14 days to schedule into our project calendar, please allow for time to process and schedule the project. Rush orders available on request, for a fee.

Our analysts will provide you with CU*BASE queries to generate a single reporting file each month, updated with new account, balance, and transaction data that Save to Win requires. You are also offered a simple procedural document for your records, and 30-minute training session usually scheduled to coincide with your next or first reporting cycle.

You will process the query each month to produce a file of accounts. You will download the file produced by the query, review it for accuracy or formatting adjustments, then submit to Save to Win via their pre-established submission process.

Once the query is created and provided to you, it is yours to use, keep, and maintain moving forward. If query adjustments are ever needed and you would prefer that we make them, please use the request to Change a Custom Query or Report.

This query is compatible with both savings products and certificate products. The query is not available for automation as it needs to refer to balances more than one month in the past in order to meet Save to Win’s requirement on balance reporting.

Once You Order:

Once you place your order, the Asterisk Intelligence Team will contact you to confirm your order details and provide an estimated timeline for completion of the analysis.

What You Receive

Once complete, you will be provided with a series of queries in your QUERYxx file library, along with a detailed summary of the queries and the training necessary to process them on your own. Periodic file transmissions and ongoing maintenance of the queries are not included in this service and are the responsibility of the credit union. At time of delivery and training, the output file(s) of the query string will include all of the currently known fields required by the Save to Win program.

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