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$1,000/day plus travel and expenses onsite; $125/hr via Zoom conference

Hiring the right people for web development can be difficult. In addition to making sure the applicant is a cultural fit, you need to vet their technical skills. Often web developers are self-taught and only recently have we seen higher education offering computer science courses in web development technologies. Utilizing our web development experience, we can assist your credit union in hiring the right people for your in-house web development team.



A applicable Web Services team member will assist your credit union in your interview process for your Web Developer position either onsite at your credit union, at CU*Answers, or via Zoom conference. We will take into account the existing skillsets of your current employees, and determine what additional skills (if necessary) are required for the opening position to help you determine if hiring internally is a feasible option for your new team. We will sit in on your interviews with potential hires and offer our expert advice to guide your credit union to make the best choice possible.

Opportunities and Pricing

Web Services offers three different methods of working with your credit union for this service:

  • Onsite at your credit union – A Web Services delegate will travel to you at a time of your choosing to be physically available for your consultation and interview process. The cost for this is $1,000/day plus travel and expenses.
  • Onsite at CU*Answers – Have your team visit us in Grand Rapids and have your interviewees join us. Pricing will be quoted beforehand after a discussion with your credit union, as the times needed may vary, and additional factors such as catering services for your team may be included if requested.
  • Zoom Conference – Schedule a time for a Web Services team member to join in a video conference remotely for your interview process. This is the the most affordable option, at $100/hour.

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