Web Development In-service Training Topics

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$1,000/day onsite plus travel and expenses

Websites are never complete – technology changes and adjusts. Vendors change how their software works, styles change and need to be refreshed, and employees come and go, which could affect your infrastructure, security, or operations among other variables. Your developer’s need to consistently be self-educating on the web development landscape, both to keep up with changes and also to fill in knowledge gaps. This service aims to assist your developer gain important knowledge and skill sets to ensure you are running at 100%.



Does your team feel that they need to be further educated on Web Development and the surrounding subjects? Have the CU*Answers Web Services team come to you and expand your knowledge base on one or more

Potential Topics

Although not limited to the subjects listed below, we find that these topics are the most fundamental and applicable to discuss with your web development team. Need to talk about another item? Let us know!

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)/ADA compliance
  • Upcoming browser changes and compatibility
  • Website performance
  • Website compliance for credit unions
  • Upcoming WordPress changes

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