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The Cybersecurity Assessment is offered by AdvantageCIO to provide an independent assessment of a Credit Union’s established policies, procedures, and controls measured against industry standards and best practices. The assessment includes an onsite visitation to review the network environment, physical security controls, perform vulnerability testing, and interview CU personnel. All information and findings gathered during the process are consolidated into an easy-to-read report, that is presented to CU stakeholders. Our experienced team will also provide remediation recommendations and remain available to help provide guidance throughout the end of the engagement.


The Cybersecurity Assessment includes:

  • Full, detailed findings report
  • Executive summary and prioritized recommendations
  • Complete internal and external vulnerability assessment results.

The Process

  1. Initial scoping call and delivery of document intake list.
  2. Validation of internal and external network scan targets
  3. Shipment of scanner to client site for internal scans
  4. Client review of document intake list, Q&A.
  5. Onsite analyst engagement
  6. Draft report delivery, client review call.
  7. Finalize report


This engagement is typically completed within 90 days of client approval. We will work with you to set the schedule due dates.

Next Steps:

Place your order and we’ll reach out to gather specifics from you and to provide a detailed statement of work for the engagement.

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